Switzerland Vacations

Experience the Mountain Lands on Switzerland Vacations

Switzerland vacations are typically marked by a culturally-rich exploration of heritage, food, adventure and confusion. The country itself has had a long-standing struggle with its own identity, being that the country is located almost smack dab in the center of Europe and has been part of each war and continental altercation. However, the average Switzerland vacation combines adventure and culture to create what many believe is a truly holistic experience.

Switzerland is a small land-locked and mountainous country that is situated above Italy, east of France and south of Germany in the center of Europe. There are four countries surrounding it, each with their own language and culture, which often crosses the border into Switzerland. As such, there are four different languages spoken in Switzerland - French, Italian and Rumantsch and German. Swiss-German, however is the country's main language and the written language in German. With each language, the country mixes culture, heritage and a sense of economic vibrancy that make Switzerland a true melting pot for all of Europe's ideas.

At the Center of it All: Food

Although Switzerland has a variety of cultures who each have their own distinct flavor and cultural influences, the main foods of Switzerland have Germanic and Austrian roots. Above all else, Switzerland is best known for its cheeses, chocolates and wine.

While methods of preparation are as divided as the cultural heritages of the many different locales in Switzerland, the average Switzerland vacation will involve many fruits, berries and breads dipped in cheese and chocolate. After all, the Swiss are known for the invention of fondu. (Fondu is the melting of cheese and chocolate into which meats, breads and fruits are dipped.)

Get Out and About

Switzerland is a tourist host spot for people from all over the world. The country itself is divided into two distinct sections: on the Western side of the Lakes, including Geneva, the people speak English and have adopted a great deal of the French culture. On the right side of the lakes, including Zurich and Bern, the people speak German and have adopted more of the German culture.

Geneva is probably the best-known country in Switzerland, having become famous world-wide for being home of the United Nations and the International Red Cross. Zurich, on the other hand, is well-known as is the largest of all the cities in Switzerland. Bern, famous for its bears, was the home of Einstein.

One popular tourist destination is Lindner Alpentherme - a spa facility that features a sequence of 11 unique water stations that offer a diverse array of treats, such as hot foot soaks to a startlingly cold water swimming tank along. The facility also features a full wellness center that offers nearly every spa treatment one could imagine.

There are also a host of other lesser-known places for visitors to enjoy such as the many Alpine villages like Interlaken. Mountain villages are a favorite place for travelers who love to participate in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. A series of picture-window trains connect many of the Alpine villages against ruggedly steep mountain slopes. A similar large-window train connects the lakes district around Interlaken to Geneva through a series of mountains and valleys. The train, while not the most direct route from place-to-place, is the most picturesque.

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