Ireland Vacations

Take a Tour of the Emerald Isle with Ireland Vacations

Ireland is a small country full of a rich history and culture that appeals to many travelers. When taking a Ireland vacation, there are a number of things to discover, uncover, learn about and explore such as Irish recreations and activities, accommodations & lodgings, hotels, country houses, castles, bed & breakfasts, cottages, vacation rented apartments, car rental, golf resorts, sea and river fishing, heritage, scuba diving, historic hot spots, traditional Irish pubs and more.


Ireland is an ancient country whose history can be traced back until roughly 8000 BC until 4500 BC. A series of potato famines in the 1840s severely decreased the population and led to the mass emigration of poor and starving Irish families to the United States. Many Americans can trace their roots to somewhere or someone who once lived in Ireland. An Ireland vacation wouldn't be complete without tracing the family histories and stories of relatives that can be traced back to the Emerald Isle.


There are endless activities to find when on an Ireland vacation such as visiting the Kilmainham Jail where rebels from the uprising of 1916 were held or visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral, names for he patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who is said to have brought the message of Christianity to the island whose major religion at the was headed up by the Druids. Also, visitors may want to stop and see Dublin Castle, or the famous Trinity College Dublin or the Guinness Storehouse and get a free sample of the world-famous Guinness stout.

Tours and other destinations popular for visitors do not typically cost a great deal of money, however be prepared to spend some on souvenirs and other incidental expenses.


There are a number of ways to get around the island when on a vacation in Ireland; however a car is considered to be the best method for seeing the true island. It is important to be aware of the regulations for drivers as they can vary widely. Always be sure to have the proper documentation such as your driver's license, passport and international driver's license ready in the event they are asked for by the authorities. The speed limit is set very high and vary depending on the type of vehicle being drive so drivers who are not used to high speeds should take caution and pay attention to any pertinent road signs.

Other Transportation

Trains are another way to get around Ireland, however, because of the low population density, the rail network is less extensive and the frequency of service is less than in most other European countries. However, this method has lower stress and is more relaxing that being responsible for driving a car.


The weather in Ireland is generally temperate. This many surprise travels who may expect colder temperatures, however, because of the Gulf Stream, Ireland tends to remain comfortable, even in the winter months, however, be aware of the rainy seasons and plan vacations around the drier months.

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