England Vacations

Tips for Making the Most of Your England Vacations

An England vacation provides a wonderful opportunity to take a look at the history of the English language and culture. England provides a variety of activities for you to enjoy, from historical tours to modern entertainment and more. Also, for the individual that speaks only English, England vacations have the advantage of the language and cultural similarities, but at the same time, giving the traveler an experience completely different that that from home.

When taking an English vacation, London is generally the city that most people want to visit. London boasts a rich history of cultures, wars, growth and expansion, city life, shopping, food and travel. Because of the size of the city, traveling in London can be confusing. One way to minimize the confusion to make a plan. Talk to people who have visited the city and ask them where to go and what to do during the trip.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your England vacation:

Stay Outside – London is a very spread out city with a number of nearby, rural locations for exploring the countryside such as Hampstead Heath - a large slice of countryside in a hilly part of the city, with some stunning views and Wimbledon Common, an open countryside area conducive to activities like riding a bicycle and visiting small, local villages.

Don’t Ride, Walk – The main form of transportation in London is The Tube, however, despite the convenience and speed, there is also a lot to miss when riding underground, such as the stunning architecture, scenery and cultural life. Even though walking may take more time, it will allow the travelers to catch a strong feels for the flavors of the city that make London so unique in the world. The Tube is the fastest way to get around the city and may be necessary for traveling longer distances, however there is much to be seen within walking distance of anywhere in the city.

Get Out of the Way – Rather than walking along the main streets of the city, get a map and use the smaller side streets. There is a lot of local life that may not be seen or experienced otherwise. Staying off ‘the beaten path’ will allow for a deeper exploration of city life and a closer inspection of some of the ancient architecture, the winding medieval lanes and quiet back streets that make up the true life of the city.

Delve Into the Past

London is one of the oldest modern cities in the world. People from every nation in the world have immigrated to London, making it what it is today. Wars have been fought in and around the city, social reforms, industry booms and the rich history of England’s many kings and queens are all part of the historical exploration that should not be miss. An England vacation would not be complete without gaining some understanding about what has made the city into what it is today.

When taking a trip to a city such as London, it may be better to spend the time visiting and really getting to explore and absorb the full impact of only a few sights rather than running through a great number of them. If you missed something on the first trip, promise yourself another trip in the future to see and learn more about some of the sights and places that have made the country so famous.

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