Skin Treatments

There are different types of skin treatments for treating skin diseases and lacerations. Treatment of the skin is done according to the type of skin problems present. If the skin problem is caused by microbes and germs, treatment would be through medication and if the problem is related to lacerations and scarring, laser treatment may be advised.

Port-wine stains can be removed by pulsed dye laser treatment. In this type of skin care treatment, a laser beam is allowed to pass through a dye. The color of the dye should be different from the color of the port-wine to detect the path of the laser beam while performing surgery. Port-wine stains can be treated using a general anesthesia.

Hemangiomas generally become smaller after 5 years, but may increase in size in certain persons and occur on an unwanted part of the body. To remove this vascular birthmark, laser surgery is generally performed. Using pulsed dye laser surgery in which a flash of high energy light is produced by the laser, hemangiomas can be reduced.

Telangiectasia is a skin problem in which blood vessels are seen under the surface of the skin. Laser surgery and sclerotherapy are used as skin care treatment for telangiectasia. In such treatment, a small needle is used to inject medication inside the blood vessels to make them shrink.

Laser peel surgery is performed after six months of medication for the skin for ease in performing surgery to reduce wrinkles. The chances of scarring, swelling and crusting are less in laser peel procedure.

Pulsed dye laser is used for the treatment of warts which is caused by human papilloma virus. Different methods of treatment are used for treatment of warts. The common treatment methods include surgical excision, application of medication, and freezing of the wart to kill the virus.

Scars and tattoos can also be removed by using laser treatment. It can remove the scar and tattoos permanently from the skin.

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