Skin Care

Skin types are mainly grouped into three different categories. Skin care is the term connected with the treatment of diseases of the skin and the daily care of these three different types of skin.

Type 1 skin is the type of skin which is sensitive to allergy or skin diseases, and is fragile and dry. Skin care for this variety of skin can be accomplished by cleansing with a non-soap bar or creamy cleanser. The cleansing may be done with natural cleansers like aloe, cucumber and fruit sugars. You can remove the dead cells using a mild proteolysis enzyme which aids in keeping your skin clean and smooth.

Use of sunscreen protection which contains some additives is recommended to protect skin from the sunlight and to keep the skin moist and help it retain its natural oils. Recommendable additives are calendula, lavender and other plant extracts which contain vitamin E.

Type 2 skin is that skin which is neither too oily nor too dry, otherwise known as "normal." This type of skin has no extreme challenges regarding skin care. Cleansing of this type of skin may be done with bars or gel and creamy cleansers. The recommended additives are lactic acid, glycolic acid and fruit acid complexes. All will help keep type 2 skin smoother and fresher.

Alphahydroxy acid with 10% strength in a gel base is recommended for exfoliation of type 2 skin. This exfoliation aids in keeping your skin smooth by enhancing the growth of a new dermis layer.

Type 3 skins are those skins which are oily and prone to acne. For this type of skin, stronger cleanser may be used. Salicylic acid in a gel base form is recommended as additive for this type of skin.

Topical vitamin A and glycolic are helpful in exfoliation and reducing oil secretion in type 3 skin. Use of benzyl peroxide with a clay-type mask twice a week helps to reduce oil. Micronized titanium dioxide and oil-free moisturizers in a silicone base may be recommended for skin protection and skin care of type 3 skin.

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