Anti Aging

Aging is a natural process which is caused by changes of the physiological and metabolic condition to a less efficient condition. To keep the physiological and metabolic condition to a normal level, a person needs to maintain anti aging behaviors. According to researchers, aging is caused by many factors which have become known as aging factors.

Stress is a mental condition which causes heart disease and promotes aging. A person can live longer if they learn to control their stress. To reduce stress, a person needs to participate in physical exercise as well as diaphragmatic breathing and deep breaths.

The drinking of alcohol (red wine) twice a day at low doses is said to help the heart but consuming it in a higher dose increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Drinking it in very small quantities allows it to act as anti aging agent for heart patients. Stay away from smoking and any other kind of nicotine substances which may cause cancer and also increase the effects of aging.

Being inactive can increase stress and cause individuals to become overweight. Inactive people are also more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. Walking is an anti aging exercise which reduces stress and weight. Walking for half an hour at least five times a week helps to delay aging.

Decreasing the amount of saturated fat in the diet and consuming monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat instead lowers the cholesterol level in the blood. Lower cholesterol helps slow the aging process as well. Eating Mediterranean-style food will keep your cholesterol low and help keep your weight in check.

Inhaling polluted air increases aging by causing many respiratory-related diseases like asthma. Stay inside as much as possible if you're in an area that is heavily polluted. Excessive exposure of skin to the sunlight decreases your immune system, ages your skin quickly and can promote skin cancer.

Lack of sleep leads to early aging and causes many disorders like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and loss of memory. Proper sleep is an anti aging factor for young and old people.

Try to maintain a normal weight and don't eat too much sugar. It may cause diabetes, a serious disease which also increases aging.

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