Search Engine Marketing

How to Do Search Engine Marketing and Why

Search engine marketing is the process of using search engines as a means for advertising and increasing traffic to your own Web site. Search engine marketing is a relatively new concept and separates what was once part of the function of a search engine optimizer. Search engine marketing involves locating, researching, submitting and positioning a website within a website in such a way that it gets the maximum exposure.

This booming industry is currently monopolized by Google and Yahoo. Search engine marketing is more affordable than pay per click advertising and more reliable; so more and more traditional advertising agencies are tying up with Search engine marketing agencies.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search engine optimization is an essential part of search engine marketing. Search engine optimization aims to index and improve rankings for the web pages relevant to the keywords that are searched for. Search engine marketing operates on the keyword search principle; if your web site is featured within the first three pages of a search engine, there are more chances of your web site being found. Search engine marketing improves organic and natural search results, which will help to lead traffic and business to your Web site. Campaigns such as pay per click strategies are based on a bidding process where you bid the amount you are willing to pay per click.

How Google and Yahoo Decide Search Rankings

In order to help index web sites, search engines such as Google and Yahoo have computers that constantly crawl the Internet to collect and analyze data. Your site’s ranking depends on whether or not all the essential criteria are fulfilled, such as keyword optimization and proper design. A spidering process scans web pages for keywords and index sites and depending on the keyword density, rankings are established. Google and Yahoo spiders look for keywords and keyword phrases in page titles and names; the more they find the better the ranking of the web site.

Search rankings are crucial since the higher the ranking the more visibility your web site, and consequently your product, has. The difference between being the first and second listing in search engines can mean the difference in millions of dollars for some businesses.

Search Engine Marketing and Web Traffic

With millions of companies operating in the virtual world, the best method of getting noticed is by optimizing your site. Effectiveness of search engine marketing can be determined by determining whether there is an increase in traffic to your site based on the campaign. This does not necessarily translate into more business conversions and it is a process that takes time. However, search engine marketing is a cost effective method with organic search being free and pay per click methods collecting only nominal fees. If Search engine marketing is still not yielding revenues check your web site content, keyword copy and spam control.

How do You Go About Search Engine Marketing?

When you want to get involved with search engine marketing, you need to first submit information to each search engine on an individual basis. Check out the search engine available via Internet and open a free email address with that search engine to serve the as your contact information. You will want to include metatags and links to your site from other sites in your search engine marketing campaign in order to ensure that your site is visible and has a high search engine ranking.

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