Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies Can be an Effective Way to Increase Business and Customer Service

Email Marketing is an Internet Marketing method that has grown in popularity since its inception. The purpose of this type of marketing is to target customers who use emails by sending them emails with links and product offers. A good Email Marketing strategy thus requires an excellent emailing skills and written communication artistry in order to create a campaign that people will respond to.

Good Email Marketing should not just employ the sending of unsolicited junk mail and spam. In fact, email marketing is most effective when the emailer actually gets response from target customers by providing links to a particular Web site in the body of the email.

Email Marketing Tips

If you are creating an email marketing campaign, it would be strategic to obtain as much information about those people that respond to your emails so that you can create an effective email response list. For example, once you provide a link to your Web site, you could also include visitor registration lists to collect relevant information regarding target clients. It might also be strategic create a newsletter to your target clients so that you can send updates and announcements as they occur. An opt-in mailing list is a good way to stay in touch and to keep your business on your clients’ minds on a regular basis.

When sending out emails, try not to resort to “spamming,” which is considered to be a type of email that provides no long term benefits or communications. Instead, personalize your emails and start a well written newsletter if you can. Although the HTML format is preferred because it allows you to send graphics, it is always better to send text emails, as text emails will reach all of your clients without getting blocked by spam filters.

When it comes to the actual composition of the email in the email marketing campaign, refrain from using Spam-alert signs like “$$$” or too many exclamation marks. That communication not only spoils the content, but it also alerts spam filters that the email you are sending may not be legitimate. Design your message with clarity and make sure that the recipient requires what is required of him or her. The Email Marketing campaign should reflect your corporate design or your effort will likely backfire.

Email Marketing Do’s

Email Marketing ultimately boils down to the strategic use of newsletters and mailing lists. From a practical standpoint, when composing emails, make sure that the subject line length is less then 65 characters so that it can be seen in all preview panes. You will also want to place the most strategic links in the most visible places to increase the chances that your readers will click on them. Monitor click-through rates, if possible, in order to understand what the most effective methods that you can use are.

Email Marketing Don’ts

Don’t type in wrong email addresses. Don’t provide irrelevant information to clients. Don’t use unnecessary links. Don’t dump email during the holidays as these can get trashed. If you are sending a “subscribe” link make sure that it operates quickly so that your readers don’t get distracted. Don’t let your customers remain anonymous; try to get personal information. Don’t sign off impersonally; put in your name. It adds an element of personalization to your newsletter. Never be complacent; keep revising your Email Marketing strategy to create campaigns that are effective and fun.

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