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When to Call in the Recovery Experts

Imagine you're typing away at your keyboard, you're on page 6 of a make it or break it proposal for a very important client that is coming to your office at 8 am the next morning, and suddenly as you type your last sentence - the computer screen blinks once and goes black.

You turn your computer off and on, and nothing happens. You curse, you bargain, and you threaten your computer. Then you realize, you need someone that can go in and, if nothing else, get your proposal. You need a data recovery expert.

Data recovery experts are the quiet heroes of the computer industry. They aren't often talked about and many people are unaware of exactly what they do.

A data recovery expert can go into your computer's hard drive, your floppy disk, CDs and other methods of local data storage that might have failed and recover your lost data.

Data recovery experts will tell you, no matter how advanced the computer or hardware, no matter how solidly the system is built, or how many registry watchers or utility programs you run, your computer is not immune to data loss. Data recovery experts will even tell you that their own systems have failed! Happily, in most cases the data can be recovered with little or no loss of the integrity of your information.

About half of all hard drive failures are due to simple logical errors and file system errors. In many cases the data recovery expert can go over the errors you are experiencing over the telephone and determine if your data loss can be corrected through measures other than shipping your hard drive to the data recovery expert.

If your data loss is on a larger scale, your data recovery expert will have to examine your hard drive up close and personal and determine what caused your failure and how recoverable your data is. Most hard drives, about 98 percent, are recoverable.

Don't think data recovery experts only work on hard drives, because most of them are well versed in all levels of data recovery, from magnetic tapes to CDs and DVDs to floppy disks.

Next time you think you might have lost all your information, don't panic, call a data recovery expert.

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