Online Storage

Storing Your Data on the Internet

If you've made the decision that online backup is the best method of backing up your important data and files, you will be looking into the realm of online storage.

There are a number of companies that offer online storage of your important data on that particular company's servers. Most of these online storage companies charge a nominal fee, although some companies may offer it as a free service.

A definite advantage to online storage is that your information is available to you from anyplace that you can get online. If you happen to be on a business trip across the country or in another country, you can access your important data and files if you can access the internet.

Most online storage companies sell space by the megabyte and some by the gigabyte. A few of these services will require you to download software that allows you to upload and view your files. This should not be a problem unless you travel frequently and you are on a computer that doesn't have that particular software installed. There are a number of free online storage sites that allow you to retrieve your information from any web browser. If you travel often and have a need to call up your stored information online, this would be the best option for you.

If you aren't storing sensitive information, a free service might the best choice for your online storage needs. If you have data that is of a confidential nature, you will want to look into one of the online storage companies that offer encrypted and secure transmissions for uploading your data. There is normally a fee for using the more secure online storage services, but if protecting your information is a priority, then it is well worth the small price most of these companies charge.

Whether you need encrypted, secure storage or just more space for your photos and MP3s, online storage is convenient, in some cases free, and always a good choice for the storage of your important files and data.

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