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Online Data Backup Explained

If you have computer files you want to store, and you want to be sure the information won't be lost, you might want to think about using an online backup service. Online backup is also known as remote backup and is simply a way for people to back up or store their computer files and other data they want to preserve in a remote location.

An online data backup service will provide a software program and space on their server, usually for a fee, that you may store your computer files and data on. The software program is usually downloaded onto your computer that allows you to upload your data. Although you can adjust the time of day or night you wish your computer to perform the backup, the default time is usually at midnight each day. At that time, your computer will run the software, which will take any files and data you have previously chosen for backup, and load them onto your online data backup company's server. Normally, this information is compressed and encrypted and sent via a secure connection to your online data back up service provider's server for storage.

Online data backup has a lot of good features that traditional backup methods such as magnetic tapes, burning CDs and DVDs, and floppy disks do not.

Online data backup is completely automated and will occur whether or not you are there to do it. You simply tell the software program when to initialize and which files you wish to backup and let the program run at its scheduled time.

Another great feature is that online data backup maintains your files and data off site. This is an important aspect if the situation arises that you have a complete hard drive or computer failure and you lose your local data. With your computer data files in a remote locations, you simply have to download your information again and your files are completely restored. CDs, floppy disks, and DVDs are also good methods of storage, but in the case of a natural disaster, theft, or fire, you could lose all your locally stored data. Again, this makes online data backup very appealing.

The only real downside to online data backup is that the data upload and restoration processes can be very slow. Even on a DSL connection, the connection can be cumbersome. Most online data backup providers offer tape and disk shipments of your information you have stored on their servers, however if you need your information at that very moment, even overnight delivery may not be quick enough for you.

Another important issue you must keep in mind is that your online data backup provider could go out of business or change owners, and that could affect how accessible your data is or the feasibility of using that company's service in case of a cost increase, which often happens when companies merge.

Most online data backup providers have made and are making great strides to address the slow upload and download issues for the exchange of data and other information. This makes online data backup a very attractive solution for your data storage needs.

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