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That Swingin' Music School

Fancy some guitar lessons? Piano? Harpsichord? You can find ads for all these instruments and many more in your local newspaper or on the internet, offered by skilled individuals who want to share their expertise with the wider world. But what about enrolling in a music school, where the teachers all play something and want to show you how? There are a lot of very exciting opportunities out there for young people with the talent and drive to excel at music school, and the option should be made clear to students when they are still quite young. Learning an instrument can be quite difficult and will require a lot of special training: if a person wants to enroll at a music school they will generally need some prior training and will still be school-aged.

Music school tends to be considered only by already musical families, and entrants tend to be upper-middle class. Many schools are working on ways to even out the pupil register, so that more underprivileged kids have the opportunity to learn music and excel with it after school. Such schemes are becoming more apparent in public schools and in future more children will be participating in music school from a young age.

What Do Students Study?

Subject matter is dependent on the school, but will generally consist of musical theory, reading and writing sheet music, mastering an instrument and playing with accompaniment. Students will learn how to play solo or with a band, and many will overcome the fear of public performance through such exercises. Children are encouraged to stand up and play for their peers and teachers, and given positive feedback on their use of instrument, music and space.

The Expense

Don't fall into the common trap that music school is too expensive or exclusive for your child - if he or she has the talent, then no goal is too great. Too many people believe that to attend a music school is only for the wealthy and it is thinking like this that spills down into the consciousness of our children. No child should feel that they aren't good enough to achieve anything! Not when they have the ability and could do great things if given the chance.

The charm of music school is lost on many students but those who make it on scholarship tend to appreciate it slightly more. The key thing for parents to remember is that children will be children, and believe that they will, like all things, appreciate it someday! If you child is gifted enough to attend a music school, you as well as him or her should be as proud as anyone when they graduate with the ability to make a living performing or teaching music. What skill is there that is more appreciated?

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