Beauty School

What's Really Involved in Beauty School?

"Beauty school dropout, no graduation day for you. Beauty school dropout, wrecked your nails and flunked shampoo..." I think we all remember that song from Grease, when Frenchie decided to pack it in as a would-be beautician and pondered getting a job as a telephone operator instead. Down dropped an angel and he persuaded her to stick it out - through song, no less. Ever notice how songs always seem to sway the characters in musicals into making 'the right' decisions? What a scene.

Although a lot of what happened in Grease was nonsense, there was a grain of truth behind that one magical scene: beauty school is tougher than most people realize. With course requirements of manicures, conditioning, hair trimming and styling, nutrition, make-up application and skin tanning, there is no denying the fact that these subjects sound superficial. What is very often missed out in descriptions of beauty school courses is the study behind these practices. Before a manicure or facial treatment can be performed, a student must establish the basic knowledge of human biology. This is the backbone of beauty study, as without science there would be no beauty industry - it is as simple as that.

What's Really Involved?

Beauty school classes involve a lot of anatomical and nutrition study. These are necessary so that a future beautician or beauty therapist will understand the science behind the treatments and can offer advice accordingly. Treatments will be of no real value unless accompanied by the expertise of a trained specialist, who can explain to you exactly why particular lotions, rubs and other products will benefit you. This is the hidden agenda of beauty school: imparting a basic and solid understanding of the human body in a scientific sense. Such lessons are irreplaceable for the budding beautician and will come in useful throughout a graduate's career.

What the prospective students needs to know is that beauty school is not as easy as most people believe. That said, it should still be a lot of fun, and incredibly informative as well. You will be in the position to meet a lot of useful people via training sessions and peers, and some of these might turn into lifelong friendships or business partnerships. Although these aren't matters of strict importance to the young student, it is always a good idea to keep in mind the possibilities for the future beauty business, and any strong relationships that may further such aspirations. Beauty school should be a fantastic time for students, just so long as they fully understand what they have signed on for. Give it some hard work, have a little fun and keep your eyes open for career advancements along the way. Enjoy yourself!

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