Film School

A Few Thoughts on Film School

When high school ends, there are many choices ahead. Get a job? Get an apprenticeship? Apply to a university? These days more kids than ever opt for the last option, the product of parental nagging and the idea that life is hopeless without a diploma. While that is untrue, a lot of uncertain kids opt for film school, expecting that it will be more exciting than most other university programs. Indeed, a film school will generally be populated by two completely different types of student: those that have wanted to become film makers since they were ten years old, and those who never really wanted to go to university in the first place.

Granted, there are many universities that require you to put together an entry test. This means you will need to show them a project worthy of their time, and they will grade it and decide whether or not you are right for their film school. Generally this project will be a short film. Students are usually given free reign with this entry project but there might be some specifics from university tutors: a certain length, a theme, an object to use somewhere during the video. Most people have a lot of fun with projects like this, and it will generally make those uncertain applicants happy about their choice of study. Making films has always ranked high on that unwritten list of 'one day I'd like to do that...', and film school is the right place to start for people who will actually achieve it.

The Fundamental Lessons of Film School

Film school offers the fundamental lessons to film making that need to be grasped before a fantastic movie can be made: camera work, angling, scriptwriting, casting, character development and symbolism. A look at any film school screening shows the rough achievement of these skills coupled with raw creativity - something a lot of students don't even realize they had. Film school offers the opportunity to be creative and yet gives you the tools to smooth out those rough edges and use your natural talent in a way that can be shared and appreciated by audiences.

Whether you are a certain or uncertain applicant to a film school, you should know that your most creative side will be brought out by the program. You will come up with project ideas that have no relevance to anything you've ever imagined before: your mind will literally open up and spill unique concepts out all at once. Some find the experience spooky, others fascinating. It is never a bad thing to strengthen your creativity, is it?

In that case, don't think twice about your application - just send it on and expect to enjoy yourself. Good luck!

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