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MP3 stands for Moving Pictures Experts Group layer three MPEG- III). It’s a member subcommittee of the International Standards Organization (ISO). ISO sets standards for all types of business practices and once any business undergoes an ISO inspection, and passes, it becomes a certified member of the organization. It was ISO who first named MPEG-I Layer three, or what we now know as mp3 downloads.

The technology was created in Germany and Fraunhofer Gesselschaft (FhG) is the company holding the patent. The capabilities of mp3 were evolutions from MPEG 1; the low bandwidth technology that originated video downloads from the Internet, and MPEG 2, the original models for DVD players. Fraunhofer acquired the patent for mp3 in 1992 and by 1996, the mp3 downloads were available in the United States.

By 1999 the technology was such a hit, that mp3 players replaced the Walkman, as well as portable CD players. There has been controversy over whether to charge for music downloaded from the Internet. Most mp3 downloads were made through Napster, which was later shut down by legal action. They have found ways to partially get around this and some free music is still available for download. The controversy was interesting as some musicians were against Napster, as it took away from their income, and some actually supported the technology.

Today mp3 downloads are extremely popular all over the world. Problems still exist with copyright laws that vary from nation to nation. As with most Internet file sharing technology, it is hard to pin down to specific enforcement. Mp3 is still the most popular format for most musical downloads, as many don’t know there are alternatives, there is a great variety of music available on mp3 downloads, and many hardware and software formats work with the file sharing technologies.

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