Bob James

Let the Music of Bob James Take You Away

The world's first revealing introduction to the Maestro's unique blend of jazz and R&B was in the memorable year of 1971. At the time many music lovers were keyed in on the silky sounds of Marvin Gaye along with every other major artist and genre of music. That was back in the day when musical exposure was across the board, and every solid artist was appreciated and listened to in depth.

What is experienced in the fluidity of Bob James takes one in a whole new musical direction. Without question the interpretation of Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me" was one of the most beautiful and stirring string instrumentals ever arranged. Grover Washington took the interpretation to another level and truly established himself as a leading crossover jazz saxophonist.

Bob James has never been considered a pure jazz artist. However, his recordings have practically defined jazz/pop crossover single-handedly. It was his pure approach to the craft and love for melodic harmony that placed many on the road of jazz discovery. Sometimes the door of discovery has to be opened gently, and this is what the music of Bob James does. It matters not whether you're into pure jazz, or the lightness of style that signifies smooth jazz. These are two continents that can be linked and shared for the love of music alone.

The music of Bob James was in fact quite avant-garde. He paid his dues starting in 1962 where he recorded for Mercury Records. He spent a productive period with Sarah Vaughan from 1965 through 1968. He then moved on to become a superb studio musician and by 1973 was working and arranging for the CTI label. This is where Bob James honed his talents.

You owe it to yourself to sit back and let his music take you to far away places. It's smooth, deliberate, and perfectly timed. It's just what the music doctor ordered for those that love composition and creativity. The man has golden hands. There are some artists that can cover several octaves with one hand fully extended. The hands of Bob James are not considered to be large by any means. They don't need to be as they cover serious musical ground.

Bob James is moving through the musical concourse at the speed of grace. Thumb through the discography of this smooth jazz master. You're sure to find something that will take you to other worlds. And in that process the discoveries will be worth more than their weight in gold.

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