Keith Jarrett

The Prodigious Keith Jarrett

It says a lot when a child is mastering an instrument at the tender age of three. Ponder the fact that Keith Jarrett performed professionally while still in grade school. To wrap ones mental faculties around this is to come to terms with the fact that a child prodigy had once again been given to the world. He would eventually study at the world famous Berklee School of Music, but the haven famed for developing innate talent could not hold Keith for very long. In a very short while he was off touring the world with the famous Charles Lloyd Quartet. In this rich environment Keith spent two years honing his talents and stepping up to the plate.


Keith Jarrett is famous the world over for being able to improvise through an entire concert without a predetermined music program. People from the audience quite often shout a key they want him to play in, and then the magic begins. Neither he nor anyone else has the remotest idea of what will emerge as a result. The only thing that can be relied upon is the fact that the end result would always turn out brilliant.

You might have guessed it! Keith Jarrett toured with the fusion group of Miles David from 1969 through 1971. Once in the confines of the group Miles encouraged Keith Jarrett to explore the possibilities on the electrical piano and organ. Only Miles could convince Keith to do such a thing that naturally went against the grain of Keith Jarrett's training. Keith was a purist when it came to performing on the piano, and this stint with electronics was never to be repeated again.

It is hard to imagine the world that a prodigy moves about in. To them such profound talent must seem normal. No doubt, tremendous work and time goes into developing ones self to reside at the pinnacle of peak performance. However, if you research diligently you'll discover something mysterious about how the great ones seem to arrive and leave the concourse of life so closely together. It almost seems as if these prodigies were meant to inspire each other to greater and greater heights during their brief sojourn together.

Perhaps a thought for another day and time! The discography of Keith Jarrett speaks for itself. It is crisp, creative, thoughtful, complex, and yet simple. His music on the deepest level is nothing more than the expression of the inner man pressing outwards. Seek and know the expression, and the music of Keith Jarrett will stand by itself as being some of the finest music to date of any modern jazz musician.

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