Local Advertising

Local Advertising Reaches People at Home

Local advertising is advertising that takes place in the same locale (city, townships neighborhood) as the business or service being offered.) Local advertising has the advantage of having an insight into the target audience. Local businesses, for example, already know where their clients eat, recreate and sleep. Therefore, the market research that goes into developing a local ad will be focused on what methods can most directly appeal to the average local consumer. Here are some strategies that local advertising agencies employ in order to reach a broach spectrum of local consumers:

Media Outlets

There are a variety of media outlets that appeal to local advertisers. From traditional media (print, radio, TV) to digital media (Internet), local advertising can reach out to a diverse cross-section of any local community. Selecting the right media outlet can be a challenge, especially if budget is a consideration.

TV advertisements are popular when used locally. However, due to the high cost of purchasing a time slot, local advertisers may find it more cost effective to utilize the services of a local newspaper, a billboard, flyers or brochures and word of mouth.

Newspapers often have articles and other items of interest specific to a certain region, city or community. Readers buy newspapers because they want to read about what is happening in their own area. Advertisers may count on that local appeal to purchase well-placed advertisements in local newspapers.

Billboards are also popular additions to local advertising campaigns. Billboards work like rented space and can be purchased with a lease-type of contract. People who may not otherwise have any exposure to a company’s products or services often see a billboard feel a call-to-action to learn more about a company or service.

Word-of-mouth, while not easily controlled, is often a local advertisers’ best method of drawing in new customers. Once a product has been given approval by friends and family, the word spreads about a company’s quality of service and goods and reliability and this can make or break a local business. In this case, local advertisers may use free samples, product packs and other items that people can take with them, test and pass on.

Abandon Tradition

The Internet has recently become a means for local companies to advertise their products on a much larger scale, allowing consumers from around to world to view products they may not have otherwise known about. Local advertisers can set up a Web site, where consumers may purchase items or have products made to their specifications. Due to the increased consumer turn towards the Internet for all of their entertainment needs, the Net may very well be the next frontier to conquer when it comes to advertising and sales. Therefore, local advertising would be remiss not to include some form of Internet advertising, whether it’s a simple blog or a small Web site that describes a service or product. As such, the business can not only be found, but it will have legitimacy on the Web.

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