Advertising Agencies

Advertising Strategies for Spreading the Word

Advertising agencies are groups of advertising experts that are paid to study and promote a certain product or service. Using creativity, strategy and visibility, advertising agencies are the lifeline of a company, bringing in revenue through the creative dissemination of information. Advertising agencies serve a critical need of all businesses: they generate a buzz about a company’s product or service in order to attract new customers and keep current customers knowledgeable about their purchases.

Creative effective advertisements is the primary purpose of advertising agencies. Before an ad is ever produced, the agency must do market research, understand the product or service and then create many drafts of advertisements in order to find the best fit for the product and the client. Here are some specific considerations for advertising agencies:

Advertising Strategies

Advertising agencies use a number of different strategies to place information about a product or service in the hands of the public. Utilizing traditional media, such as television advertisements, magazines and newspapers, advertising agencies gain broad exposure for the product. Exposure increases brand recognition and helps to keep the product in the mind of consumers.

One of the best strategies for creating awareness about a product or service is to create a “catch phrase” or a short line that is easy to remember. A catch phrase is one that potential customers will see or hear that will remind them of the product or service each time then encounter it in life. For example, Chevy Trucks bring to mind, “Like a Rock”. This phrase generates an image of stability, reliability and strength that Chevrolet wants consumers to associate with their trucks.

When effective, branding helps a product become such a household name that the product becomes the industry standard. Advertising agencies are responsible for putting product names in the dictionary by creative such effective advertising. For example, Kleenex®, Band-Aid® and Tylenol® are commonly used to refer to all brands of bathroom tissue, adhesive bandages and headache medicine. Generally, consumers are not looking for the specific brand of bathroom tissue, Kleenex®, when they ask for one; however, the name has become synonymous with the product.

From the creative strategy process, otherwise known as “ideation,” advertisements are then turned into the forms that will most appropriately reach the target audience. For magazines and newspapers, layout and design are two very important factors. Not only must the images be visually alluring, but the copy, or material written about the product, must be clear and alluring.

Be Mindful of the Audience

Consumers are often a fickle crowd. Because of the enormous amount of identical products being generated everyday, advertising agencies must keep consumers aware of what makes their particular product better and they must often work to convince consumers to come back and purchase from them again. Thus, effective advertising not only is appealing to a broad audience, but it is also constantly made fresh. Advertising agencies are, thus, paid millions of dollars to keep certain products in the hearts and minds of consumers by creating revitalized branding and communication strategies for their products.

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