Laser Printers

The Many Advantages of Laser Printers

Since their introduction to the world of computer hardware, laser printers have become integral to businesses who have high volumes of documents to print and for whom only the highest quality is acceptable. The manner in which laser printers work, is much the same as that employed by photocopiers. Data is sent from the computer to the printer which then uses a laser to rapidly scan a charged drum. The areas that have not been exposed to light then attract toner powder. Heated rollers then fuse the toner to the paper. This process creates outstanding prints that are very clear and vivid.

Laser printers are so popular in the business community because they are real work horses. They can produce far more prints per month than an inkjet printer and they are far superior when it comes to black text printing - which is what most offices need. Even for home use laser printers are becoming more popular. As their relative cost is dropping so their rise in popularity for home use is growing. Laser printers also have the advantage over their inkjet rivals when it comes to handling envelope printing - an area in which the clearly excel.

Laser printers are more durable than the inkjet variety however the cost of buying toner for a laser print can seemingly be prohibitive. Unless you purchase a model which supports clones or you do not mind the cost of replacing a cartridge then you will not have to worry. If, however, cost is a concern then you might want to weigh your options before purchasing a machine that you may not be able to then support financially.  The good news is that laser printing is actually cheaper in the long run than any other kind of printing.  This is why businesses who know choose laser.  But there is a higher initial investment in laser.  Although quite expensive, laser toners can last for thousands of prints while ink cartriges typically can do only hundreds of prints.

Laser printers have made home publishing a reality that was otherwise out of reach for most people. With the exceptional quality that most of today's printer's offer users it is possible to get professional quality prints for everything from brochures to photographs. In fact, more and more people are taking advantage of these relatively affordable new technologies to self-publish, print their own photographs and even start their own newsletters and magazines.

Laser printing technology truly transformed the quality of printing and today's home print studios have allowed people to really let their creativity flow.

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