Inkjet Printers

When to Buy Inkjet Printers Over Laser

An inkjet printer sprays tiny jets of ink onto the paper to produce very good quality prints. Inkjets have always been more affordable for home users but with the rapid drop in laser print technology that one clear advantage has slowly lost its pull. The other advantage that inkjet printers had was that they were able to produce colour prints, but since colour laser printers have also come down in price, today even that advantage has been negated.

Inkjet printer technology is still being advanced and new innovations are constantly on the horizons. For those who do not use their printers much and who are not concerned with big print jobs then inkjet printers are still very viable options. In fact, the only real drawback with inkjet technology is that the printers are very costly to maintain. Since the cartridges are small they are used up very quickly and need replacing constantly - something which can cost quite a lot. The other factor which makes these printers very expensive to own and use is that they need a high quality, heavy-weight paper for the best results and this paper is more expensive by far than regular paper.

With so many printers and print solutions on the market place it is not surprising that consumers might be overwhelmed when considering the purchase of a new printer. When looking for a printer it is important to consider what you need it for, how often you will be using it and what your budget is. If you want an economical printer for straight text print jobs then you might want to consider buying an inkjet printer that supports clone cartridges since you can get them rather inexpensively and maintaining it will not be overly expensive either. If you need to print lots of documents every month then maybe you should look into a laser printer. If you want a color photo printer and foresee doing lots of color printing then you will definitely want a good quality inkjet or laser printer. If you buy a laser printer then your printing costs will be considerably less than with the inkjet version, although your initial purchase cost will probably be higher.

Whatever you decide, printing has become much easier and more affordable than it ever was and no matter what you choose you are sure to have a good quality machine.

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