Inkjet Cartridges

Saving Money on Inkjet Cartridges

When it comes to buying new inkjet cartridges spending a lot of money seems to be the inevitable outcome for most people. However, inkjet cartridges can generally be refilled after being used. However, in order to do so you need to buy a specialized kit that will allow you to refill them. Although the thought of buying a kit may seem silly these kits can save you plenty of money in the long run. If you are not willing the spend the money on a refilling kit, then you can always find an electronics merchant in your area who is willing to refill your inkjet cartridges at a nominal cost - usually the price of the ink plus a small service fee.

The other solution to acquiring inexpensive inkjet cartridges is to buy clones. Instead of purchasing the brand name cartridges for your printer, you can buy no-name cartridges that will work just as well and do just as good a job, but at the fraction of the cost. Some printing companies have realized that they lose a lot of business to these cartridge clones and have made their printers incompatible with any cartridges except their own, but for the most part you can easily find adequate clones for almost any printer on the market. Printers such as HP and Lexmark do not support clones because the manufacturers of those printers hold patents on their product which cannot be infringed. Hence, HP and Lexmark users must resolve to pay the higher price for cartridges with the trade off that they are using very good machines that will produce superior quality prints.

The only drawback when it comes to clones and remanufactured cartridges is that the ink oftentimes runs from them. It may be in minute amounts but even these tiny amounts can sometimes find their way into the printer mechanism - rendering it inefficient and producing poor quality prints. However, that does not happen very often.

In conclusion, there is always a way of getting around paying exorbitant sums for inkjet cartridges, however, you must weight your options and carefully consider what is important to you. If you do not mind a slightly inferior quality of print from your printer then buy a cheap printer with which you can use clones, otherwise you will have to accept that for a superior print job you will be paying the price.

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