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Mortgages in Iowa

What factors will lenders look for when evaluating my loan application?

When looking into a mortgage in Iowa, one of the first considerations is how large of a loan you will be able to obtain. As the average credit score in Iowa is 698 (up from a national average of 677), your credit score in comparison to that in a major factor in determining your qualification for a home loan. Your credit score not only determines whether or not you may be approved, it also may determine what kind of interest rate you will have on your home loan, which will typically range between 5 and 13 percent. However, collateral owned as well as the ethical reputation of the individual involved also bear a great amount of weight; individuals with credit scores on the lower end of spectrum may be approved in they can show proof of property ownership, or an improvement in meeting financial obligations in other venues.

What kind of details will need to be considered in deciding on a home loan?

Being pre-qualified for a loan can give you an idea of what kind of price range your future home should fit inside. A typical way of approving a loan is to take 28% of your monthly income, and using it as a hypothetical mortgage payment over a fixed period of years. Furthermore, deciding on whether or not to have a Fixed Rate Mortgage (a mortgage that maintains one interest rate) or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (a mortgage with an interest that fluctuates with inflation).

Some things that must be considered when deciding on the type of interest rate for your mortgage include the length of time in which you plan on occupying the home in question. If it is merely an “in-between” home, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage that will reflect interest rates in the short term is more suitable. Conversely, homes that one plans on occupying for long periods of time may be better suited by a Fixed Rate mortgage that cannot be adversely affected by a sudden turn for the worst in the economy. Moreover, fluctuation of household income may dictate a need for a predictable mortgage payment, regardless of the current market. Of course, different banks and lenders will have different qualifications for various interest rates, so it is important to shop your information around in order to secure the best rate.

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