Arizona Mortgage

Researching an Arizona Mortgage

The Hot Arizona Housing Market

As with much of the Southwest, the Arizona housing market is booming. The dry, warm climate is attracting people of all types. With so much new development, the economy in Arizona is also on an upswing. The two largest metropolitan areas in Arizona are Phoenix and Tucson. There are also plenty of hot housing markets in other places around the state. Of course, deciding where you want to live is just one thing to consider when researching a mortgage.

What are the Typical Payment Plans for an Arizona Mortgage?

When researching an Arizona mortgage, there are many things to consider. First and foremost, your personal budget calculated, this will help in determining how much you can pay in monthly installments, therefore creating a formative decision about the length of you mortgage loan. Within fixed rate loans, the time frames offered to pay back mortgage loans are ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty and forty years. These various time frames allow those interested in purchasing property with the aid of a mortgage loan the flexibility to buy the home of their dreams in Arizona. Another type of loan to consider is an ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage. ARMs are mortgages with interest rates that increase and decrease depending on the current market.

How do Credit Ratings Affect an Arizona Mortgage Rate?

As is the case in any state when applying for a mortgage, an individual’s credit rating can both determine whether they will be granted a loan and have a large influence on the interest rate a person will be granted when being accepted for a loan. The better a person’s credit the lower interest they will have to pay on their mortgage. This is essential to remember. In order to estimate what interest you may be able to get, you may want to inquire into what your current credit score is and how you compare to the average score of 661 in Arizona. The average credit score nationally remains slightly higher at 677. After comparing your credit score with both the Arizona and national average you may be able to do a preliminary assessment of where between the typical 5%-13% Arizona mortgage loan interest rate.

Steps to Avoid Foreclosure on an Arizona Mortgage

There is one main thing to remember when taking out a mortgage in Arizona: Arizona is a title theory state. This is absolutely essential to be aware of because as a title theory state, the title of a property does not transfer out of the lender’s possession until the mortgage is paid in its entirety. As this is the case, while judicial foreclosures do exist in Arizona, most foreclosures remain non-judicial. Therefore, should a mortgager fall behind in their payments there may not be many legal recourses for them should they become the victim of foreclosure.

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