California Mortgage

Where to Find Information on California Mortgage Rates

Where to Start

When shopping around for home mortgage rates in any state, the Internet is a good place to start. There are various online sites that can calculate an individual’s potential mortgage rate, including, and, among many others. These sites guide consumers through various easy steps. First, consumers input their desired state, home size, home cost, credit rating, etc. into the appropriate blank boxes, and the sites calculate mortgage rates from there.

After shopping for rates online, the next stop is to get pre-qualified and pre-approved. These steps will let consumers know exactly how much money they can take out for their mortgages. After this, the only step left to complete is up to the lenders, who have to process the loan and then approve it. There are other tips for consumers looking to take out a mortgage; for instance, they shouldn’t also try to take out new credit cards or max out existing credit cards, and they should always ask questions from professional lenders if they have questions about any aspects of their potential new mortgage.

The California Mortgage Bankers Association

The most important thing a consumer looking for a California Mortgage can be is informed. Research pays off, and knowledge is free for the taking at the Consumer Resource Center of the California Mortgage Bankers Association. This association features articles and updated news on the state of the mortgage situation in sunny California. The association stays afloat of the most current state of the real estate and lending business, and is a key place to turn to find what properties have mortgage rates on the rise or fall.

California Housing Finance Agency

For even more up-to-date information on mortgage rates, consumers can also look to the California Housing Finance Agency, created in 1975 to help first-time buyers of California mortgages. The current interest rate schedule posted by CalHFA is effective April 17, 2006, and features first mortgage 40-year plans with an interest rate of six percent. Other interest rates vary between three and seven percent. For specialized information, CalHFA also offers bulletins on its website to keep consumers updated. The website also features annual reports and calculators to generate California mortgage rates according to specific criteria.

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