Copier Repair

Preventative Maintenance Can Minimize Copier Repairs

Imagine that you've been working all night on a killer presentation for your boss, your boss's boss, and her boss thrown in too... it's an important meeting and your presentation is going to make all the difference. You just know your brilliance is going to make a great impression and get you promoted. The bosses are waiting, and you are all rarin' and ready to go, and so is your presentation...if only... you could... make copies of the darn thing. Gosh, that promotion sounded really quite nice, too.

Is that scenario more of a reality than a fantasy when it comes to your office copier? Here are some tips to keep it in good running order, as well as how to find a good copier repair and maintenance technician.

Regular preventative maintenance is important. Try not to let the toner run low. Your copier has to work extra hard to try to compensate for less ink, and that wears down other parts. By keeping the copier in good running order, you will incur the extra benefit of saving paper because there will be fewer paper jams.

You can also save time and money, and be kind to the environment, by making it policy to invest in a copier that makes high-quality double-sided copies. Also, keep the copier clean and free of hazards like paper clips and staples. These can get into the inner workings of the machine and flat out ruin it, not to mention ruin your day... or your presentation, at least.

Even if you give your copier a lot of tender loving care, it seems to still have a need for some attention. If the problem is beyond your knowledge, you need to call a trained and experienced copier repair technician. Don't try it yourself... copiers contain chemicals and are otherwise very hot! A good technician will give you tips as to how to repair your machine (how to decipher those Rubix cube-like number sequences found inside, for instance) before he or she comes out to take a look. A good copier repair technician will also be able to judge if you need a brand new part or if a reconditioned one could work just as well... and he or she will probably know where to get it!

Be sure your copier repair technician has a reputation for quick follow-up and successful service. Thinking a problem has been fixed only to have it happen again the next day just shouldn't happen very often, especially since the technician often can't come back right away to help you.

It helps if your copier repair technician not only has years of experience with copiers but with other office machines as well. A well-rounded knowledge can be very helpful, and who knows, you might be able to achieve one-stop shopping for all your repair needs! That way, you can worry less about the copier, and get back to working on getting that promotion.

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