What's Out on DVD?

DVDs have certainly become a common sight in our homes. With more and more entertainment and educational programming becoming available for our enjoyment on DVD, it's definitely here to stay. The DVD technology has quickly overtaken the VHS format as the preferred home entertainment option. There are so many different options; you can find classic feature films, exercise or cooking programs, foreign flicks, music concerts, children's programming, language or business classes, documentary and independent films, classic professional or college sports broadcasts, and television shows in numbers that are increasing daily.

Many films are even released "straight to DVD" and have never been seen in a theater. Just check out the newspaper or an entertainment magazine, and you can see that several new DVDs come out every week.

With the DVD, old and newer films alike get new life with boxed set editions of related movies, such as the entire "The Godfather" series, or special collections of all the seasons of a TV show, such as "Seinfeld."

In addition to the main film or feature, almost every DVD released offers so many extra features that are only available on and unique to the DVD. Extra features include things like cast interviews, director and crew commentaries, and soundtrack features, just to name a few. These special additions can be as interesting, or even more so, than the feature itself, depending on your particular interests and point of view.

You can create your own special collections as well. If you're a big fan of a certain movie genre, actor or director, why not purchase a collection of DVDs to enjoy whenever you like. With DVDs being available for purchase or rental, you can rent a title first to be sure you'd like to add it to what you've already started, and then turn around and buy it from the same place you rented it from. The choices of DVDs and viewing options that are out there definitely helps ensure your "special collection" is just that - exclusively special, and exclusively yours!

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