Portable DVD Players

The Versatility of Portable DVD Players

The conveniences of portable DVD players can't be denied. Both in the car and on an airplane, a portable DVD player makes the trip go by in a flash. Sure you can watch the movies your airline provides... well, only if you go on a long trip, and only if you like the particular movie they've selected, and only if you don't mind an edited version, and only if you don't mind the movie being interrupted by cockpit announcements... well you get the idea.

And for car trips? You can concentrate on driving in peace, because with a portable DVD player, the folks in the backseat won't be interrupting you with a chorus of "are we there yet?" every ten minutes. Yes, portable DVD players can be quite useful to entertain you while passing the time. If you're interested in buying one, here are some features to look for.


You certainly don't want to run out of juice in the middle of a good flick, but you don't want to break your back carrying it around either. The rechargeable batteries attached to portable DVD players can add a lot of weight, so compare your need for extended viewing with the amount you can bench press, and buy accordingly.


A portable DVD player that also plays CDs is a great option (and it's less bulky to have one machine instead of two on the trip, for those of us whose bench press score isn't terribly high). If you're into burning your own CDs, make sure the DVD player supports CD-R or CD-RW formats.


Most people buy portable DVD players for travel, but some use it as a backup at-home screen option as well. If you're not going to travel too much with it and want to use it at home, or don't mind the bulk it adds, consider getting a larger sized monitor.


Make sure it has high-quality outputs like Optical Out or even Virtual Surround Sound so your listening experience is as good as your viewing one.

Once you've found the perfect portable DVD player and have a few of your favorite DVDs at hand, your trip is sure to fly by! You'll enjoy the experience so much, you won't even notice (or mind) if your seat neighbor looks over your shoulder and watches along with you.

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