Cheap Car Rental

How to Find Cheap Car Rental

Unless your brother-in-law works for Avis, you're not going to have to be creative when choosing a rental car, so that you can avoid paying full price. Fortunately, there are several options you have when choosing a rental car that can reduce the price considerably.

Don't take out the company's insurance. If you're a safe driver, and carry a comprehensive collision policy on your own vehicle, you can reduce the cost of your rental up to a third by electing not to take out the company's special insurance. This is a great option for a low-risk driver.

Call the 800-number to the rental company rather than calling the individual rental franchise directly. The main line operators often have access to deals and coupons that the individual stores do not. They are also, in general, more knowledgeable about the companies policies and may be able to help you with other questions you may have, such as the whether or not a certain rental franchise is located close to the airport or to your hotel.

Check with online travel sites, such as and These sites, once you've typed in your arrival an departure information, can compare all the car rental companies that service the airports or towns that you will be in to give you the best possible rates between all the different companies. Once you've found the rental car deals that you need, it's easy to book your flight reservations and hotels right from the same site.

Ask about any membership discounts that are given. Organizations such as ASCAP and AARP, as well as many larger companies allow you to receive 5 to 10 percent discounts on your car rental agreements.

Check out special discounted days of the week. Often, just as with airlines, it's much cheaper to travel during certain days of the week or times of the year. While this may not be a consideration if you're traveling on business or for a specific event, it can be a large consideration if you're planning a vacation. For example, it's often much cheaper to rent a car from midweek to midweek, rather than have a rental agreement that begins and ends on a Saturday. Again, this can also be a plus when booking airline reservations and hotels.

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