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Bluetooth operates on special, unregulated radio bands, allowing it unfettered access to many different forms of communication. Bluetooth technology is designed primarily for short-range communication with multiple electronic devices. Usually the range is around 30 feet. This means that you can communicate with your computer, cellular telephone, PDA and a host of other devices quickly and easily. Since Bluetooth is designed for relatively short-range communication, it has also been designed with extremely low battery consumption in mind. Most users can expect four to six hours of continuous use from the Bluetooth products.

Did you know that using Bluetooth is absolutely free? It’s true! Using Bluetooth is completely free. All that you need to do is to use products that are Bluetooth-enabled, such as telephones, wireless keyboards, headsets and even the car you drive. Since Bluetooth technology operates via an unlicensed radio band, there are no associated operating or licensure costs. There are also no membership or upgrade fees. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

You can visit for a complete list of all Bluetooth-enabled products. However, an easier thing to do is simply, when you’re looking for a new telephone, computer, or whatever else, make sure to only look for those products which already come Bluetooth-ready. Manufacturers will proudly display this information on their products, so you won’t have any trouble finding out which products that you are looking at are Bluetooth-ready. If you are looking at a dealer’s web page, you can generally sort your product searches so that you are viewing only Bluetooth-ready products.

With all the concern about cell phone hacking and computer viruses, there is an obvious concern about whether or not Bluetooth technology can be hacked. Since Bluetooth technology revolves around short-range data transmission, the risk of someone being able to hack into your information is extremely low. Even in the case of cell phones, if information is compromised, it would generally be intercepted between the cell phone and the tower, not between the Bluetooth headset and the phone. Bluetooth is very security-conscious and does everything possible to ensure that its members are extremely secure. There are three user-definable security levels on all Bluetooth products, to ensure that no one can get information that you don’t want them to have. You can use Bluetooth products with confidence!

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