Get Connected with Bluetooth

Look around your office. Go ahead, take your time. If you’re like me, you’ve got a whole lot of cool-looking gadgets sitting around. There’s probably a computer, a PDA and a telephone at minimum, plus, quite possibly, a whole host of other electronic devices, depending on your profession and your interests. There’s only one problems with all these great toys, they can’t communicate with each other. You’ve got no way to send information from your computer to your PDA or your cellular telephone. If you’ve got a list of important phone numbers or email addresses to transfer, it’s a lot of trouble to write all of them down and physically enter them in your other devices and besides, if you’ve got a whole lot of information to transfer, what’s to guarantee that some of it won’t be written down wrong, or that you type the numbers and letters into your cell phone or PDA wrong. (Don’t you hate typing letters in on a numeric keypad?)

Here’s another scenario. You’ve got three important clients on the phone. One’s from China, the other two are from your home office headquarters. It took you over a month to set this phone call up. Suddenly, you find that you can’t get to your filing cabinets across the room where important information is stored, because the phone cord won’t reach. Now you’ve got to put the phone down, leaving your clients hanging, every time you need to walk to the other side of your office to access information. You tried a cordless telephone once, but found that it cut off your wireless signal to your computer.

So, now that I’ve set up all these difficult scenarios, am I going to provide you with a solution? Absolutely! Bluetooth technology can provide your office or home with all the reliable wireless connectivity that you could possibly need. Imagine being at a meeting. All you’ve got is your palm pilot. Someone else at the meeting needs some numbers that you’ve crunched on Excel. Using your Bluetooth-enabled palm pilot, you retrieve the spreadsheet data, sending it directly to your colleague’s laptop computer.

Bluetooth technology makes communication between electronic devices both simple and efficient. Learn more at, the official website of Bluetooth products and services. Connect to your world!

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