Bluetooth Phones

Putting Bluetooth Phones to Use

One of the most common uses for Bluetooth-enabled technology is in the area of voice communication. Traditionally, talking on a telephone, whether cellular or line-based, has meant that one of two things would happen: either you would have only one hand free to do things like drive your car or type on your computer keyboard, or you would come down with a bad case of “phone neck” from trying to cradle the telephone headset between your shoulder and ear. And using a speakerphone wasn’t much better – first off, there’s the obvious loss of privacy, not to mention that the noise can certainly disturb others in the room or in the next cubicle over.

However, that’s all in the past now. Thanks to new Bluetooth technology, phone communication can now be as simple and effective as we’ve all dreamed it would be. No more being chained to a four-foot cord, no more picking up radio waves on your cordless phone, and, finally, no more neck cramps from trying to talk on the phone and type at the same time. With Bluetooth technology, you can communicate with your phone completely hands-free, with a range of up to thirty feet. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you’re talking on, if it’s a cellular phone, or if its one of those plug-into-the-wall things. If your phone is Bluetooth-compatible, you can use a wireless headset, many of which are available from countless manufacturers, and talk hands-free! Most headsets have a battery life of between six to eight hours of continuous use, with some offering up to 250 hours of use in standby mode. Many Bluetooth earpieces can operate on rechargeable batteries, or have a cradle that then can be plugged into when not in use so that they can be constantly recharging themselves.

Bluetooth technology is being built into most new cellular phones, so you won’t have to look far to find a cell phone that is compatible with Bluetooth technology. However if you’re living in the 1980’s (like me) and haven’t picked up a cell phone yet, or if you do most of your calling from your home or office, you can still enjoy the benefits that Bluetooth wireless technology can offer you. There are many traditional-style phones that also come enabled with Bluetooth technology. They’re available at any electronics store or online. There’s no excuse for not taking advantage of this enormous leap forward in technology - start today!

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