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World News Connects You to the World

Thanks to advances in communication, world news is becoming easier to obtain and is available through multiple outlets. Developments anywhere in the world can be broadcast almost instantaneously to people on the other side of the world. Using internet, television and cable television several companies are spending great amounts of time and resources in providing people with up-to-date information no matter what location it is happening. World news organizations follow standards for determining what is newsworthy on a world scale. Not everything that is presented as news in one country is of interest to the people in another.

World News and the Global Village

The term global village was coined in an effort to describe just how connected the world is thanks to satellite and internet connections. World news organizations are given up to date information around the clock through the Associated Press. The AP isn't just one company, but more like a co-op. It is owned by its contributing newspapers and broadcast stations in the US. These media outlets both contribute and use the material written for presenting the news. Outside of the U.S there are several AP subscribers who simply subscribe for the right to use the information made available but are not considered part owners in the co-op. The world news provided by the AP is written in an unbiased fashion and is meant to provide facts about national and world events. Other world news services aside from the AP are Reuters and the Agence France Presse. Both are outside of the United States and are also considered major sources of world news. Information on news in the world being available through multiple sources helps to ensure accuracy and non-bias.

In this day and age the actions of a country thousands of miles away from you can have immediate and even drastic effect on your circumstances. A perfect example is the reporting of violence in oil producing nations. If an oil supply is threatened, then almost immediately consumers all over the world will be able to read reports about it. Not only will people be made aware of what is happening, they will be affected on the consumer level by the cost of increased gas prices. Access to world news makes it possible to be up to date on issues such as this that can affect us no matter where we live. World news sources do more then just cover major events all over the world. They also have divisions devoted to giving national coverage to sports and entertainment news as well.

World news affects us all; especially in the society we live in today where people from another land can communicate as if they were in the next room. Consulting media outlets for world news will keep you up to date and informed on global issues.

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