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Stay Connected to Your Community With Local News

You may be most familiar with local news sources being available through your local newspaper or television stations. Most of the time there are also several radio programs that may have segments devoted to local news. Local events are almost never mentioned in a daily news source unless they have gained some sort of national newsworthiness. A daily news source will make an effort to cover national and in some cases world news but the majority of the time the issues are of local significance. Television stations affiliated with national broadcasting stations usually follow the same style as national news outlets of their host stations. Television programs along with other news outlets usually get their news from the associated press or AP. Local news coverage usually combines this with local news in order to tailor the information provided to those within a local coverage area. People have a natural concern about local issues and while they may not compare to some national stories are nonetheless important to residents of an area.

What Does Local News Include?

Local issues include local politics. Especially when there are social issues or other national political factors, efforts may be made to report on the position of local government figures and how new legislation may affect the local community. Even small community issues are reported. Reporting on a local landmark for example may not be of any national importance or maybe not even everyone in a local community may be affected, but it would still be reported as a current event.

Information on local crime again unless it gains national importance will only be available through local news sources. During wartime national newspapers may report briefly on casualties, but it is the local news that will do an in-depth look at the victims and families that are affected by losses. Local news sources will also follow the usual rules of journalism and present the information bias free. In some cases a local journalist will host an editorial segment where an actual opinion will be endorsed, but does not necessarily represent the views of the local source. Most local news sources will also cover local sports. College, high school and even little league will be considered newsworthy for in a local setting. Local news can even be of a benefit to people are considering moving to an area. By getting a copy of the local paper, or reading local news websites you can usually determine what type of people live there, what is important to them and also even what kinds of entertainment options are available.

Local news really serves to tie a community together. People like to know what issues are affecting their community and how national news agrees or maybe even disagrees with local values.

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