VoIP Training

VoIP Training

VoIP training is a hot new topic that sprung out of the popularity of this new technology. VoIP is essentially a way to use call people by using broadband lines instead of the traditional PSTN phone lines. This way you can thwart phone bills, get flexibility, mobility and ease of use all together.

Types of Training

There are basically two types of training. The more basic training is geared towards non-technical professionals, who want a good understanding of the topic so that they can use VoIP, build their network and be an all round know-it-all about the topic. The other training type is for technical professionals who will work with VoIP every day and need to know all the inner workings and little nuances that make up a VoIP network.

There are also two more types of training programs. You can be trained by a VoIP vendor who will tune your knowledge to their systems, or alternatively you can be trained vendor-independently to gain a more comprehensive knowledge and overview of the topic. Both have their advantages, if you want to work for a VoIP vendor, like Cisco or Avaya you are better off with their training as you will understand their products better. If you want to generally know about VoIP you should get the independent training, if you go to work for a vendor in the future you can take their courses anyway.

Where to Go

There are a number of places to go for VoIP training, I would definitely recommend going to a class-session. There are training materials on the net, but they are not the best. Some are too specific or to broad and don't offer courses covering everything you need. Convergent Communications Inc., Global Knowledge, TRA, Tonex, Teracom Training Institute, and Training City are all companies providing comprehensive training services, geared towards managers and employees and technical professionals.

You can also go back to school. Universities offer qualifications like MS in telecommunication from Boston University, or MS in telecommunication systems at Cal State Hayward. Visit the homepages or contact the schools on phone to receive information on these courses. While this may take more time, it may be worth it if you are serious about working with VoIP. Te technology has many aspects because you need to know some of the normal telecommunications, some internet systems, cybernetics, and oh so many things to really get to know VoIP.


You really have to decide how much you want to be familiar with VoIP. If you just want to be able to set it up at home better than a normal user could, maybe make some adjustments, take a basic independent course. If you will be working with VoIP as a technician, you should take an independent pro course, depending on your field, maybe even a specialized vendor course. If you want to be at the top of modern technology you really should go back to university, this will give you the most knowledge about the subject.

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