Internet Telephony

If you ask most people what internet telephony is, they will be left scratching their heads. Internet telephony is the name being given to a brand new voice processing application using the existing data networks that make the internet a reality. These voice networks use the same connections as the data networks but provide free, stable and very convenient internet-based telephone services.

The reason why internet telephony is so attractive is because of the great savings in cost that it means for consumers. Instead of paying two bills every month – one for your telephone and another for your internet or cable connection, all you will have to do is pay one bill for everything – internet or cable and telephone! The other way you save by using internet telephony is through long distance savings. Since you do not have to pay for long distance services on the internet, using the internet to make long distance calls is free. This is a fantastic feature for people with lot of family and friends scattered all over the country or around the world.

Internet telephony is still relatively unknown with most people not even aware that it exists. Although the technology is not new, it is only recently being brought to the attention of the population in general. More and more companies are starting to offer internet telephony packages and they are making it simply for ordinary folks to switch over to an internet based telephone line and to get rid of their regular telephone line.

Although people may not yet trust internet based telephone services or they might even think they are strange and not for them, eventually this great technology will gain acceptance and gain ground on a much wider level. At that point the regular telephone companies will realize that in order to compete in this dynamic market they will have to adapt and start offering internet telephony packages of their own. When that happens even the naysayers will have to accept that this brave new technology is not just some flash in the pan but a force that is going to stay.

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