Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing in Today's Workplace

Video conferencing is quickly replacing telephone conferencing as the mode of choice for long distance meetings and even for interviews. Instead of displacing all the principals on a project each participant merely sets up a video conferencing terminal and is set to take part in the meeting. This quick and efficient means of getting everyone together for a meeting is once again changing the way people do business and is making it possible for companies to have employees in any part of the world and still have weekly meetings in order to keep abreast of what is happening with different parts of a particular project.

Since video conferencing equipment is too expensive to buy for each individual who needs it, what most companies do is rent the equipment from companies who specialize in video conferencing. These companies will courier the proper equipment for the services requested along with simple, clear and detailed instructions on how to set up and use the equipment. The whole setting up process can take any where from fifteen minutes to a half hour depending on the equipment being sent and the competence of the person setting up the equipment.

Along with video conferencing come certain rules. The fact that others will be able to see you on a television screen means that you must treat any video conference as you would a regular business meeting. You should dress up just like you would if you were going into the office. You should clear away any clutter in your home and preferably you should set up the camera in an area that is more business-like than a living room or bedroom. You should also make sure that the background is not too busy so as not to distract from yourself.

Although video conferencing is an improvement over telephone conferencing for meetings, some people are still not very keen on the new technology for the very reasons listed above along with the fact that seeing someone on a monitor still does not give you a sense of what that person is thinking. As body language is very hard to read on a small monitor you are at a slight disadvantage. However, given all the pluses, the few inconveniences are minor irritants to getting the job done and not having to waste time or money driving or flying into the office.

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