Sports Cars

The Sports Cars of Your Dreams

Admit it -- you've fantasized about it. No, not about that; this is a family website! We're talking about sports cars -- specifically, about driving sports cars, and about driving them really fast. Maybe in a race, maybe just for fun, but driving them like an angry tyrannosaur with a toothache is chasing you, with a gleam in his eye that says he wants you to join him for dinner.

Male or female (but especially male), nearly all of us have our favorites. Maybe you're more interested in sporty cars than sports cars per se -- you know, something like a Mazda Miata or a smug little Fiat. It might not win any races, but it looks good and sounds good, and it's fun to drive. Some of us daydream about the Trans-Ams and Firebirds of our youths. On the other extreme, of course, are those of us who'd give a major limb to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini, especially one of the models used for racing, and who spend our lives wishing for that instead of the family minivan. Hey, a guy can dream.

From here to there

Sports cars are for those of us who want something more than just efficient transportation. If that were all we needed, a VW Beetle would be fine. However, style, flair, and power all add something indefinable to an enjoyable driving experience (as opposed to a tolerable one), which is why sports cars like Ford Mustangs and Porsche Boxters exist. Life is about more than efficiency; it's also about joy.

Traditionally, sports car lovers obtained their treasures directly from dealerships that they had to visit personally. That can still be done, and indeed can make for an enjoyable outing, but the Internet is beginning to make inroads even into the sports car market. Tired of that metaphorical dance with the car salesman, with him trying all the tricks in his bag to get you to buy exactly the car he wants you to buy? Fire him. Online auto dealerships will be happy to show you every car in their stock, and some even include a feature that lets you change colors and features until you get exactly what you're looking for. Then it's just a matter of arranging financing, and waiting for delivery.

Other options

While it may be simple enough to buy a sports car online from the Big Three Automakers, your more pricey sports cars, like your Porsches and Jaguars, may require more of a personalized touch. Being top-of-the-line models, the dealers are understandably a bit more careful when it comes to selling online. However, they'll be glad to provide personal quotes, and some sites will let even let you "build" the exact car you want using their online software. You start with a basic stripped-down model (which will, of course, cost twice as much as most fully-loaded normal cars), then add features like wheels, luxury packages, and the like until it's exactly how you want it. Pay for it, and they build it for you, according to your specs. Now how's that for making your sports car dreams come true?

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