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Is Satellite Television Better Than Cable?

Satellite television versus cable television has long been a topic of debate across the country. There are die-hard enthusiasts for each service that will swear on their life that their system is the best. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, but one will always conquer the other. Satellite television has several clear advantages over cable television.

First let us look at the two methods of receiving satellite service and cable service. Satellite television service comes directly to our home dish from a satellite orbiting 22,000 miles above the earth's equator. Cable television also uses a satellite. I bet you didn't know that! The orbiting satellite transmits the signal to the cable company. The cable company then disperses this signal through wires to homes across the country. This means the signal not only has to travel further when using cable, but also is broken down to travel across wires. Cable television therefore has less picture quality then satellite television.

Another clear advantage to satellite television is the price for service. In recent years the price for cable television has skyrocketed while the amount of channels you can get for that price has plummeted. People have become more and more dissatisfied with their cable service for the prices. They have begun switching over to satellite television. Currently you can get satellite television service for about $25 per month. That is often much cheaper than similar cable television service.

With both satellite television and cable television, there is a piece of hardware you need to have located at your house to receive the signal. With cable, you have to have a cable box. Usually this is rented from the cable company. The price to rent has steadily gone up through the years. Satellite television uses a satellite dish. These used to be extremely large and took up a lot of space in a person's backyard. Today they are about 13 inches long and are very discrete. These dishes are purchased by satellite television users. That means, once purchased, they never have to pay a dime for them again since they are owned. This is a clear advantage over cable television. Would you rather pay once for something, or pay for it over and over again? The answer is simple.

Satellite television provides a clear picture and awesome sound. There are several advantages to using satellite television over cable television. Satellite television is a forward-looking investment in the future.

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