Satellite Phone

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are something of a mystery for many people. What are they? Are they better then my regular cell phone service provider? This article will unlock the mystery of the satellite phone.

Satellite phones, much like satellite television, receives a direct signal from an orbiting satellite in order to receive service. This allows someone to travel absolutely anywhere in the world and still be able to call their best friend while in foreign lands. Satellite phone service provides reliable service in the most remote locations. There is never any worry about a lack of service or signal. The satellite phone will work anywhere at anytime. These are obviously clear advantages over cell phone services, which require a nearby tower and a plan that is set up to make international calls.

Although satellite phones have clear advantages, this does not mean that they are better than a regular cell phone service provider. The major disadvantage to a satellite phone is that you must be outside in order to receive signal. Once outside the signal is perfect, but this satellite phone requirement is extremely impractical.

There are some situations when a satellite phone would come in very handy, such as cruises, hiking trips, travels to either the north or south pole, and mountain excursions. Each of these destinations are in the outdoors and have the possibility of not having regular cell phone service. However, if you are planning to use your mobile phone as your only phone, satellite phone is not for you. The lack of indoor use makes them unrealistic to use in the real world.

Since the occasions when a satellite phone is necessary are few and far between, satellite phone providers have come up with a solution. You can rent these phones for a very inexpensive price. This is a great solution because it means you can use your regular cell phone at home, but rent a satellite phone when you know you will be in an remote outdoor location.

Satellite phones are the wave of the future. They have many benefits, but at this point, will not take over the marketplace. The use of satellite phones is advantageous in many instances, but regular cell phone service remains as the most practical answer in most situations.

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