PHP Programming

The Benefits of PHP Programming

PHP is a computer based scripting language that has been designed by engineers specifically for use on the Internet. PHP programming helps users to create dynamic websites. PHP programming makes web design easy and because of its simplicity is has been adopted for use all around the world.

The PHP programming language is actually quite similar to the C programming language. If you have experience with C programming language, then you will find the transition to PHP programming relatively easy.

Because PHP programming is designed specifically to help people program websites it is easy to learn and easy to use in conjunction with other web-based programs. PHP programming interacts particularly well with database programs.

There are many advantages of using the PHP programming language. It makes web publishing very efficient and saves time because it is embedded in HTML code. It is free of charge and so won't cost you anything to use with your own site. It is easy to use and once learned the skills will stay with your for life.

The PHP programming language contains special features to help you create dynamic and easy to change and update web pages (making the front end easy to maintain for non web savvy users). It can run on many different types of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and UNIX. Technical support is available from plenty of people across the country as PHP programming is now widely taught in IT programs for new IT graduates but also learned by IT professionals who have many years of industry experience. The PHP programming language is very secure and means that your back end (behind the scenes) code is private and cannot be viewed by users.

The PHP programming language works in conjunction with your web server and this is what allows you to publish your web pages on the Internet. As a front-end user you don't really notice anything different, although if you are charged with maintaining the site it does make it easier for you to access information when it requires changing. Changes are easier because you don't need to be an HTML wizard to change the information. This is advantageous because HTML can take quite some time to learn, whereas with PHP you are merely changing information contained in fields and tables.


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