ASP Programming

Creating Dynamic Sites Using ASP Programming

ASP programming is the technology that has been built into the .NET infrastructure that you help you to create a full website, one of web pages and other Internet based applications. ASP.NET is a brand new programming language and is, in some respects, a simplified version of .net programming. .Net programming can be quite complex to learn, particularly for a technical novice, so ASP.NET is the next best option.

ASP programming uses two key technologies which are:

  • Web Forms – these are the front end controls that are seen and used by the web site visitor. They have the code behind them which generates the look and functionality of the web site.
  • Web Services – This is functionality behind the web forms. It provides the functionality only and has no user interface so is not designed to be seen by the visitor to your site.

The main idea of ASP.NET programming is that when people surfing around the Internet come to your website, they see dynamic, changing content, as opposed to static content that never changes, rearranges or updates. To optimize the benefits of ASP.NET on your site, you should generate the webpage on your server and then allow for the HTML result to upload in real time to the user while they are at your site.

But despite the extensive functionality provided by ASP.NET, programmers are constantly calling out for more functionality that results in more features for their websites and their visitors. ASPX is the latest extension to answer these calls. ASP.NET doesn't require that any deletion of existing ASP.NET code and instead it is designed to work hand in hand with ASPX.

There are several strengths of ASP programming over .net programming. ASP.NET is easier to write, debug, and maintain than .net programming, which makes it a particularly good solution for larger scale web based projects. ASP.NET also offers plenty of debugging tools including breakpoints, tracing, and extensive error messages so you know what is going wrong and how to fix it fast (meaning less website down time). Finally, ASP.NET comes with WYSIWYG design and editing making it an easy tool for people who want to learn as they go, whereas .net programming did not really offer this kind of option.

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