Here is the Way to Play Paintball

A sport that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the years is paintball. Paintballers use markers, otherwise known as air guns, and load them up with plastic gel caps filled with various colors of paint. They shoot these caps at other players in an order to hit them and put them out of the game. This sport can take on various forms, as it can be played both indoors and outdoors, and have various rules for each. The sport has developed a large set of standard equipment that must be worn to ensure a person’s safety at all times.

There are common rules that will apply to almost all paintball games that are played, regardless of what type of game it is. There are fewer injuries in this sport than baseball or soccer. The most crucial rule of thumb to follow in this game is that of wearing goggles at all times, and make sure that these goggles are made of the most resistant protective coating possible. It is true that paintballs cause temporary stinging pains when hit by them all parts of the body, they could easily result in serious eye damage if they are aimed and hit that area. A majority of paintball venues will require and even provide the participants to wear a protective mask that has a goggle like shield over the entire face region.

Also, in addition to wearing goggles, there is a regulation that paintballs cannot be fired above a certain velocity at other players. An informal standard in the industry is that they cannot exceed more than 300 feet per second, which roughly figures up as 200 miles per hour. A vast majority of ranges that play this game will require somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 to 295 feet per second. Even at this velocity at point blank range they can cause serious bodily harm so those types of shots should be avoided at all times. Another safety measure is the use of barrels as barriers for both target practice and a shield during actual competition. They are nothing more than old metal and/or aluminum barrels that are placed throughout the field of play and used as shield from the rest of the game.

The way that an actual game of paintball is played lays out as players typically divide up into two teams. They are eliminated on an individual basis as soon as they are shot by a player for the opposing team. The mark can be any size but it has to be targeted somewhere on the body, below the head. If a player is near another player that gets shot and receives some of the splatter damage from the ongoing shooting, they are considered to still be a part of the game. As the games will use a referee, a player should always consult a referee when he or she is uncertain to whether their current markings will rule them out of the game. The winning team is determined when the last player for the opposing team is out due to elimination.

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