Organ Donation

The Critical Shortage of Organ Donations in America

What You Can Do to Help

Medical technology in organ transplantation has come a long way in recent decades. Unfortunately, the demand for organs is far greater than the supply given by donors. Currently there are over 82,000 people on the transplantation waiting list. Sixty-three people receive a transplant daily, but sixteen people on the list die daily. Since the amount of donors is far less than the demand for organs there is a critical shortage in this country. Every American can play a part in helping supply organs and eliminating this shortage.

An easy way to help get rid of this shortage is to educate people on organ donation. All people should know that organ donation is all about the gift of life. Many people assume that organ donation is just a topic about death, but it's a topic about life. When a person donates his organs he is giving someone else a chance to live. Other people assume that if they are organ donors doctors will not try to save their life. This is completely untrue.

Transplantation doctors are not called in until after death has already been declared. Though many people believe a person can be too young or too old to donate the truth of the matter is that there is no age limitation for organ donations. The physical condition of a person is what determines eligibility not the person's age. A person does have to be 18 to declare his wishes to be an organ donor unless they have their parent's consent.

People should also know that just because they have it on their id that they want to be an organ donor, they still need to discuss their wishes with their families. A person's family needs to sign consent form for the donation to take place. Many people have it on their Id but never discuss it with their families. The families then refuse to let the donation happen, which leaves this country with an organ shortage. Some people are also scared to be donors because they fear that the transplantation will leave their bodies disfigured. It should be known that organs are taken in the same way they would be for surgery leaving no disfigurement to the body. The last fact a person needs to know is that just because someone has a pre-existing medical condition that does not automatically eliminate him or her from being a donor. It is suggested that everyone should assume they are eligible for organ donation.

The organ shortage in this country is critical. Roughly 300 new transplant candidates are added to the waiting list each month. As previously mentioned, the need for organs is critical because there is a greater demand for organs than the supply this country already has. Every person should help save another person's life by becoming an organ donor.

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