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Finding Decent Online Car Insurance

While we all shudder at the thought of getting in a car accident, the sad truth is that humans are less than perfect; to paraphrase the old saying, stuff happens. That's the single factor that drives the entire insurance industry. We need insurance on our property and health in case something bad happens, our fault or not, so that we can recover. Anyone who drives, for example, has to pay for car insurance; but if you shop carefully, you needn't pay through the nose, especially if you opt for online car insurance.

The Internet has done a lot to make life easier for most of us, with the exception, of course, of those of us who can't stop playing Bejeweled. Online car insurance is just another one of those time savers. With a few clicks, you can get a quote, purchase coverage, pay your premium (or better yet, set up an automatic withdrawal every month), increase or decrease your coverage, add a car or two, remove your 16-year-old drag-racing son from your policy -- you get the picture. But that's only once you've found something you like. Getting there can be a bit of a battle.

An embarrassment of riches

Online car insurance agencies are everywhere on the Web, all of them offering the very best deals. So, how do you choose one the way you 'd choose a plumber, by picking the first guy on the list in the phone book? (No matter where you live, that'll probably be AAA Insurance Company. Or maybe AAAA.) That's one way to do it, but it would be better to do a little homework, check with the Better Business Bureau as necessary, and then approach an independent insurance broker. Independent brokers, unlike so-called "captive" agents, offer you a choice of insurance companies, which can be particularly useful if you're not sure which insurance brand you'd like to go with. Second, you need a broker who specializes in online car insurance; that way, they'll be more fully aware of all the twists and turns of the labyrinthine auto insurance codes, regulations, and requirements for your state. Once you've gotten to that point, then you can start picking out the best online car insurance for your household.

Cashing in

In almost every household, especially those with multiple drivers, saving money on car insurance is a significant factor. Online car insurance dealers can help over the kind you actually have to visit, but there are still things anyone can do to cut their costs farther. First of all, try paying your car insurance premiums once or twice a year; that'll save you a significant sum over monthly payments. If that takes too big a bite out of your income, consider cutting back on your car insurance for some of your vehicles, if that's possible. An older car that's paid off is a prime candidate for liability only; even if you wreck it, you won't get much money for it under comp-and-collision, and it's nearly as easy just to start from the beginning with a new car. Another easy thing to do is to increase your deductibles, which will drive down your premiums. Having high deductibles will make it impossible to file small claims, but you shouldn't file those anyway -- they'll only drive up your premiums. And last but not least, there's that old standby of building a clean record. Yep, you'll need to drive carefully and avoid getting any tickets. The longer you go with a clear record, the lower your premiums will be, all other things being equal.

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