Monitor Repair

How to Avoid Costly Computer Monitor Repairs

Check, clean, repair or trash? No, we're not describing a shorter version of a 12-step program. These are some of the choices we face when dealing with computer monitor repair. Things have gone fuzzy, there are lines or a film over the screen, it's blinking off and on, or worst of all it's completely black. What should we do next? Here are a few basics of computer monitor repair before you opt for the fourth option above.

First, is the monitor's connection bad? This is often the case when the monitor suddenly blinks off after having worked fine just a minute ago, or the last time you used it, and is now not making a noise or producing any visual. Check the connections and check your electrical box for a blown fuse, and see if that makes a difference. If the monitor is older and especially if it's been in storage for awhile, there could be cracked or cold solder joints that need to be cleaned or reinstalled.

Second, can the monitor be repaired by a simple cleaning? If your problem entails seeing uneven spots, dots or splotches, or just a dulled overall brightness factor, it could be dirt, dust, or the rest of a soda spill your teenager neglected to tell you about. Clean the monitor by using a soft cotton cloth, warm water and a little elbow grease. If you use a cleaning solution, be sure it is labeled as appropriate for computer monitors. Some detergents or glass cleaners, especially with alcohol in them, can streak and even damage the monitor, making things worse than they were. Don't use paper towels or a fabric softener sheet, as these can scratch the glass. Laptop monitors are even more sensitive, so follow your manufacturer's instructions.

Or lastly, is the problem one of signals getting crossed? Are you seeing streaks or shadows at the edges of the monitor? This could be an issue with your input signal, which is sometimes caused by computer cables that are too long, have extensions, or are just old or poorly made.

These are simple monitor repair solutions to common computer monitor misbehavior. If your problem still isn't fixed, don't try to solve it yourself. Monitors are not something the untrained can fix, or even put back together if they try to open "just to take a look". Check your service manual and call a monitor repair professional. And keep in mind that sometimes buying a new monitor is often cheaper than repairing the old one.

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