Fax Repair

Some Quick Fax Repair Tips

In today's busy business world, especially with the increase in home offices and telecommuting, having access to a fax machine to conduct transactions and receive documents quickly is essential. Faxes have the potential to make or break a deal, and it can hurt your bottom line if the machine stops working properly! Here are some frequently seen problems, and some simple fax repair tips.

If your fax machine won't receive or send faxes, or gives no reaction to your pressing buttons, it could be something as simple as the connection. Check to make sure that the machine is not only plugged in, but that it is properly connected to a modem. There could be someone else using the line, or a power failure might have damaged the modem. Pick up the telephone handset and listen to hear for the dial tone. If you don't hear one, the way to repair your fax machine may be to replace the modem.

If lines appear on faxes you send or receive, it is probably a matter of the fax machine's components (likely the scanner) needing to be cleaned. Sometimes ink or white correction fluid has not dried and traces can be left behind, altering the image on the paper.

If paper is jamming, a part inside the fax machine usually needs replacing or cleaning. Fax repair is often needed because of damage to parts like the rubber rollers that pick up the paper or the fuser rollers, especially if the fax machine is older and has printed a large number of pages.

If the problem you're encountering is with print quality, like the pages printing too light, a few things might be causing the problem. It could be that the thermal fax paper or transfer film was installed backwards, you have an old or recycled toner cartridge, or simply that the document that is being faxed to you is of poor quality.

If you have an error message on your display screen, consult the owner's manual for fax repair, and it will give you steps to troubleshoot the specific problem. Some fax machines have only one error message, to "call for service," for all fax repair problems that occur. Your first step in this instance should be to turn off and unplug the machine and give it a rest for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the fax machine is just overheated or the parts inside need to move back to their "resting" position in order to be refreshed. We all need a rest sometimes! However, if your fax machine is still causing problems after you turn it off for awhile, do be sure to call the manufacturer's service department.

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