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Microsoft's IE Bias Seeps Through Again? AdCenter Not for Firefox Users

So I went to go create a Microsoft adCenter PPC account today and had a great laugh as they presented the program terms to me. I've long abandoned Internet Explorer as my preferred browser, but there are certain little "reasons" to keep it around. Microsoft once again has either intentionally broken things for Firefox users or carelessly created another product, Microsoft adCenter. Overall the product isn't bad, but the following images illustrate what I encountered.

Viewed in IE 6

(click on the images to see higher-res versions)

In Internet Explorer (v6 at least) the box showing the terms and conditions of the program shows properly. No problem for Microsoft users, but I thought that MS had learned their lesson when they finally decided to open up their program for non-IE users. Nope.

Viewed in Firefox 2.0

When viewing the same page in Firefox (v2.0) their terms box is shrunk down to this tiny little 3-word-wide area. This gives "fine print" a whole new meaning. I'd like to see anyone read their terms in that little box.

Good job on that one Microsoft. Maybe a few of your developers should secretly view your pages in Firefox before launching!

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