Mexican Food

Traditional and Unique Mexican Food

What Are the Basic Ingredients Used to Make Mexican Food?

If you eat Mexican food on a regular basis, and even if you don’t, you will find that there are several basic ingredients that go into most Mexican dishes. The most popular ingredients in today’s Mexican cooking are avocados, beans, corn, chilies and tortillas. Beans are consumed for their protein, while corn and chilies add spice and texture to most Mexican food. Tortillas—your choice of flour or corn—are often used to hold all the ingredients that make up dishes like burritos and enchiladas. The avocado is commonly used in many Mexican dishes, such as tortas and tacos; it’s also a great source of healthy fat.

Cooking Mexican Food the Traditional Way

The best way to make your Mexican food taste great is to keep your dishes simple. Pick out a few main ingredients that are to your liking and create your favorite Mexican dish. You can always add meats to Mexican food for a heavier meal. Adding too many ingredients to Mexican food can overpower other, main ingredients, which can prevent you from enjoying the overall taste of your Mexican dish of choice. Don’t forget about other items you can add to your dish, like cilantro, onions or tomatoes. These ingredients can be used in any Mexican dish and are also basic staples of traditional Mexican food.

Tips for Making Savory Mexican Food

If you’ve already mastered cooking traditional Mexican food, there are added ways to make any dish sizzle in your mouth. Although considered fatty, adding oil to your dish will give it density of flavor and can also speed up the cooking process. Be sure you use the right amount of oil to avoid a greasy meal; you can also use less oil than called for to create a light version of a great Mexican dish. Another tip is to make use of all those herbs and spices you see in the grocery store—adding these while cooking Mexican food will bring out flavor in the dish. Consider cilantro, garlic, cayenne pepper or cumin for any of your Mexican dishes. Also, limes are great for adding a bit of tang to any Mexican food.

How to Make the Best of Your Dish

If you’re hungry for non-traditional Mexican food, you don’t have to go searching high and low for an expensive restaurant and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy ingredients. Simply take a basic dish and get creative with what you put in it. For example, if you’re making tamales, consider unique foods that can go inside the tamales. Forget about the traditional meats, like chicken or pork—why not try fish instead? It may sound unusual, but breaking the rules on Mexican cooking can sometimes lead to great tasting dishes. It’s best to play around with different ingredients until you find the right balance of items to make Mexican food to your liking.

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