Korean Food

Korean Food is a Custom in Itself

Korean food is rich in vegetables and nuts. Most Korean foods come in a compliment of three or four other foods that are intended to accent it. In general, Korean food is a combination of whole greens, vegetables, rice and a hot soup. Unlike Chinese food, Korean foods are not fried and are usually cooked by boiling stir-frying, steaming or pan-fried. Here are some more tips for Korean foods:

Mix the Meals

Keep in mind that Korean meals incorporate a wide variety of foods. Unlike some cultures where there is a main dish and some small accents, Korean food incorporates a large variety of vegetables, rices and soups. In general, there is also an arrangement of food on the table that is very important, but keep in mind that if you are dining with a Korean family, you should take samples from each food group.

The Arrangement

Koreans are very attuned to proper etiquette. Rice, soup, spoon and chopsticks are placed to each person's left-hand side. Stews and other side dishes are placed in the center of the table where everyone can reach them. You will notice that the Korean place-setting does not include a fork or knife. This is because Koreans use a spoon to eat all of their major wet foods and chop sticks to eat dry foods. In general, you will also find that there is a lot of sharing of plates and food in the Korean culture. You can always ask for your own plate or bowl if you do not wish to share, however, keep in mind that you will likely pass around food a good deal.

Visiting a Korean Home

If you are visiting the home of a Korean friend, keep in mind that he or she will likely serve you Korean food. The amount of this food that you consume is completely up to you. While many Americanized Koreans will offer you your own bowl and perhaps even a knife and fork to help you eat your food, you should make a due effort to adjust your style to that of your Korean host - you are, after all, in their household.

Korean food has been recognized around the world for having a very healthy arrangement of vegetables, grains and rice. Korean food is easy to prepare and has very little fat in it, making it ideal for dieters as well. While there is a very particular etiquette that you may want to follow when dining with Korean friends or in a Korean restaurant, keep in mind that sharing is key. Korean food is a delight to eat, as long as you are prepared to pass it around the table a few times!

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